ABout US

Premium quality - Ethically sourced - Environmentally conscious.


We aim to keep these three virtues in every aspect of our company, focusing on delivering high quality, freshly roasted coffee, supporting a sustainable and economically balanced supply chain and encouraging an environmentally positive outlook on our industry and community.

Crown & Canvas want to stand for more than "Just Damn Good Coffee", we want to embolden a sense of community and prosperity in every element of our supply chain, wholesale Partnerships and every one of our customers.

Our Product

Coffee isn't just a drink, it's a part of life.

For many of us, coffee isn't just that instant injection of caffine to help us function throughout the day, it's a part of life.  

For some it stands for community, for others it's our hobby, and for a majority of us its that 'something' that makes everyday a little bit brighter. We want to encourage and lift that feeling, focusing on the quality and hard work that goes into every crop we recieve. 

Learning about the farms and communities we buy from, and how we can roast and craft every bean to do justice to the sheer amount of hard work that brought it too our door, transform it from a green seed, to something delicious and enjoyable


 So that we can make sure you enjoy it ..when it arrives to you.

Our Roastery

Crown & Canvas Coffee Co is based in Bridgtown-Staffordshire, we moved into and renovated our current roastery in Winter 2019.  

 We work with UK based Intermediaries on sourcing, tasting and importing high quality green coffee from select farms from around the world. As a standard we work with coffees scoring SCA83+ when picking what crops we're planning to buy, roast and sell.


We roast on a Roastmax Gas Roaster using digital profiling software to record, track, and maintain specific roast profiles which have been hand crafted through small batch roasting and cupping to ensure we're getting the best out of every bean we roast, bringing the often incredible origin characteristics to the cup, and doing our best to amplify the hard work farms put into every crop.