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Type: Arabica


SCA Cup Score: 83.75


Varieties: Red & Yellow Catuai


Processing: Natural 


Region: Mantiqueira de minas, Minas Gerais


Growing Altitude: 1000-1400 MASL

Brazil, Mantiqueira de minas, Minas Gerais.

  • Star fruit and sticky orange sweetness with a milk chocolate and hazelnut finish.

  • The Associçao dos Produtores do Alto da Serra (APAS) group of producers was orginally formed in 2006 and under the lead of Divaldi Betoni a coffee farmer, from the Ferreiras District, municipality of São Gonçalo do Sapucaí in the Mantequeira of Minas Gerais. The farmers in the region wanted to group together to better the quality of their coffees and improve the producer’s profitability and striving to achieve a better quality of life for their families.
    The initial meetings began in the producers' houses,local school and church hall which at the time was also supported by the Emater-MG (Minas Gerais State Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Company). They began by addressing issues such as good agricultural practices in coffee production, purchase of inputs, marketing of coffee and the benefits of working together in an organised manner.
    In 2011 they eventually were able to source their own land through the help of the Ferreiras State School and the Minas Gerais State Government granting them land to build their own headquarters on. This now gave them one central focus point where they could get together to host lectures, courses, meetings and a space for community get togethers for the members.

    In 2013 the group became Fair Trade certified too which allowed them to receive the social premiums and continue to invest in the development and infrastructure of the group. They were then able to build in 2014 an equipped laboratory for sensory analysis and classification of coffees, allowing the producer to know the quality of his coffee and to be able to make better decisions regarding the marketing of their product.

    Currently there are 69 members of the group and this lot of coffee comes from 4 producers and farms between 1000 -1400masl.

    João Paulo Borges
    Sitio Pica Pau
    Total Area: 4,5 hectares
    Coffee Production Area: 4,5 hectares

    Nivaldo Donizete Arantes
    Nossa Senhora Aparecida
    Total Areá: 45.93 hectares
    Cafe Production Area: 26.1 hectares

    Juscelino Matias Sivleira
    Sitio Monjolinho
    Total Area: 27.2 ha
    Coffee Production Area: 5,5Ha

    Alexandre de Almeida Meirelles
    Santo Antônio Farm
    Sao Goncalo do Sapucai MG
    45 hectares the total area, has 30 hectares planted with coffee