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Type: Arabica


SCA Cup Score: 84.5


Varieties: Castillo, Caturra


Processing: Natural 


Region: Piendamo Region, Cauca.


Growing Altitude: 1650-1900 MASL

Colombia - Piendamo, Cauca.

  • Raspberry and peach with a juicy body and milk chocolate finish.

  • This coffee is comprised of multiple small holders from the north of Cauca who live on small farms traditionally less than 1 ha in size. Many of the people in this region are Indigenous from the Nasa, Misak y Totoroes groups native to this part of Colombia. They live high in the Andes at altitudes of 1650 - 1900 masl where with their coffee they grow fruits and vegetables under the shade of native tree species. 

    These producers are part of the COMEPCAFE Cooperative based in Piendamo, Cauca where it was established on 2010. The Cooperative has 1400 families spread across 7 areas with Cauca with 1600 ha of coffee farms. The farms are traditionally planted with castillo and colombia with a small portion (5%) of typica an caturra. The Coop helps to support their members with technical support, commercialisation of the coffees, food security programs as well as a pension program looking to protect the producers in the future. The areas that these coffees come from are still very much involved in the troubles with them being heavily influenced by the FARC and illicit drug trade making life very difficult for these producers.

    The coffees are pulped on the farms in traditional 'beneficios' on small pulping machines before then being dry fermented in tiled tanks overnight for 12-16 hours. After this the coffees are then dried for 7- 10 days in parabolic tents on raised beds.