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Solstice - Seasonal Espresso Blend

Solstice - Seasonal Espresso Blend

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Solstice is a celebration of early sunrises and late sunsets, long days and warm evenings.
The flavour of a light Milk Chocolate body, with sweet Apricot acidity cutting through, and a smooth Honey mouthfeel throughout the cup.

A lighter, brighter, seasonal Espresso Blend.

Solstice was created using the same methods and practices we use to create our House Blend & First Light, but with a different end goal in mind.
We wanted something that would live independently of our existing blends entirely, something that tipped the scales on the idea of a Balanced blend and pushed those bright, lively, fruity flavours that are dominant in this Espresso.

Flavour Profile

Milk Chocolate - Honey - Apricot



Resting Time

We recommend resting beans for a minimum of 7 days for filter and 14 days for espresso.

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Coffee Roasting

Roast Level



18g In - 40g out in 27 Seconds. Brewed at 95c


Guatemala - Finca La Bolsa was bought by Jorge Vides, a distinguished medical professional, in 1958. Prior to this the land wasn’t used for coffee production. Jorge won a number of awards for coffee production and for services to the region of Huehuetenango, and had the main hospital in the coffee growing community named after him. La Bolsa competed in the 2002 Cup Of Excellence competition and placed second, scoring 94.98.

Colombia - Gran Galope lots are Excelso grade coffees (15/16 screen size) that have been cupped and evaluated for their "workhorse" versatility. These lots are expected to have a balance of sweetness, fruity effervescence, and a foundation of cocoa and/or toffee. Most Excelso Gran Galope offerings are a blend of coffees from between 10–30 smallholder farmers and are traceable to the region.

Ethiopia - Mustefa only registered as an exporter in 2018 in order to sell his coffee directly to buyers, which he was able to do after changes to the regulations that year. The small wet mill he set up (called Beshasha) is used to process his own and outgrowers’ coffee, which he keeps separate and dries on raised beds near his house. Mustefa’s outgrowers are all neighbours and each have between 4 and 10 hectares of land.

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