Our Story

A combined passion for Coffee, Quality and Building something from the ground up is all it took to breath life into what is now known as Crown & Canvas.

A small idea, fuelled by a continuous drive to grow, improve and never accept 'Good Enough' as an answer, has kept us moving daily from a single person roasting coffee out of hours with a hope to cover our costs, to a team supplying coffee wholesale & retail across the UK & Europe.

While never forgetting our roots, as a family owned & operated, independent coffee roaster.

With a mission to build connections and relationships through coffee, we work hard to build a consistently unique coffee offering throughout the year of rotating Single Origin coffees, and staple Espresso Blends, to suit the evolving needs of independent coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and hospitality businesses.

What we mean, by Full Circle.

At Crown & Canvas, our journey is more than just about brewing exceptional coffee. It's about embracing the entire journey, and completing the circle with dedication. We understand the importance of every element in this intricate process – from sourcing the finest coffee from select farms across the globe, to the meticulous roasting process, ensuring a seamless supply chain, and finally, serving you the perfect cup. 'Great Coffee, Full Circle' isn't just a slogan; it's our commitment to leaving no crucial element unattended, for the benefit of us, our valued producers, and our customers & wholesale partners across the UK & Europe.

Sourcing, Roasting, Supplying & Serving.

We Began

Nov, 2019

Home Sweet Home

We secured our little industrial unit, and began clearing it out, decorating and prepping it anticipating the delivery of our new coffee roaster.


March 2020

In March of 2020, the Pandemic gripped hospitality completely, and as a 3 Month old business we had to adapt quickly. We opened our Webstore in April 2020 and began selling direct to the Public, to this day many of our regular customers discovered us throughout the Pandemic.


In 2021, we saw what would be our first 'Normal' year, yet it was far from normal still. We continued to grow and saw us produce 3000kg of coffee, 300% of what we produced in 2020, and partnered with Espresso Machine manufacturers Sanremo.


Always moving forward

In 2022, we grew our online and wholesale partnerships, working with more coffee shops & businesses across the UK, opening our doors for the first time to let people visit our roastery, enjoy an espresso and shop with us directly.

10,000 KG roasted

June 30, 2023

In June 2023, we celebrated roasting over 10,000kg's of coffee, which is approx. Half a million cups.

Brazil Origin Trip

August 6th 2023

In August 2023, we visited Brazil to meet farmers and producers across Minas Gerais, in what would be our first company Origin Trip.

We moved!

November 04, 2023

In November 2023, we moved our entire production from our industrial unit, to a 200 year old Church began refurbing it to open our first ever coffee shop.

Chapel Coffee

December 2023

In December 2023 we opened our first ever coffee shop, with our roastery settled in the building at the rear, Crown & Canvas opened Chapel Coffee, a specialty shop in the centre of a 200 year old Church, settled in Staffordshire.