Specialty Coffee Roasters & Wholesalers

  • Ethically Sourced

    We prioritize ethical and seasonal sourcing practices, carefully choosing fresh crops from select farms around the world, fostering long-term relationships with the communities and farms we partner with.

  • Locally Roasted

    Roasted in Staffordshire. For us, roasting coffee is an expression of creative exploration and scientific precision, a unique opportunity to collaborate on a global scale to create something unique, delicious and beautiful,

  • Enjoyed Globally

    Roasted in Staffordshire, enjoyed Globally. Our coffee transcends borders, being brewed and enjoyed in Cafes & Homes across the UK and mainland Europe.

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Curated Collections

A great way to explore a selection of varying flavour and expression from our menu.

Our explore bundle is a collection of 3 coffees from our collection to bring an exciting exploration of terroir, process and flavour in one bundle.


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Our Roastery & Cafe space, settled within a 200 year old Church in the heart of the Midlands.