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First Light - Espresso Blend

First Light - Espresso Blend

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First Light is our Heavier & Bolder Espresso Blend, leaning on the delicious Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut notes of Brazilian coffee First light has a lot of body, packed full of Chocolate sweetness, with the hint of Colombian acidity pushing through to create a bold and delicious Espresso that works great with Dairy & Alternative Milks.

Flavour Profile

Dark Chocolate - Roasted Hazelnuts - Dark Berry Sweetness



Resting Time

We recommend resting beans for a minimum of 7 days for filter and 14 days for espresso.

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Coffee Roasting

Roast Level



18g In, 40g out, 28 Seconds.


Brazil - ‘Castanhas do Brasil’ which translates as "Nuts of Brazil" is a blend of made from mainly from one particular area called Carmo De Cachoeira. The coffee is selected for its sweet and creamy hazelnut praline profile by the cupping team in the Cocatrel Direct Lab who assign it to this profile blend. The coffee must have a clean profile and be scoring 83 + on evaluation.

Colombia - Gran Galope lots are Excelso grade coffees (15/16 screen size) that have been cupped and evaluated for their "workhorse" versatility. These lots are expected to have a balance of sweetness, fruity effervescence, and a foundation of cocoa and/or toffee. Most Excelso Gran Galope offerings are a blend of coffees from between 10–30 smallholder farmers and are traceable to the region.

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